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Things to know...

Check-in Time: 3:00 pm

Check-out Time: 11:00 am

  • The Studio was built almost in its entirety out of recycled building supplies and is a passive solar unit.  We use the studio for painting, sculpting, ceramics, carving, music and sittin’ and thinkin’.  Please enjoy the peacefulness of this special place. It is also located on the same property as our (the owners) home. So we will be neighbors!

  • Although the Studio is part of Davis Mountains Inn, please note that it does NOT include breakfast and it is located at a different address.

  • 2 night minimum is required to book the Arabella Mt. Studio

  • Please see Policies and Cancellations below to avoid any fees.


  • Pets Allowed! no carrier necessary. They are free to roam around the studio and surroundings, just please pick up after them and any mess they make.



  • Because the studio is located up in the mountains, there is no cell phone reception. There is a shared phone line available at the stuido that you are free to use. If you really need to use your cell phone, turn left on the highway and go 1 mile to the top of the hill, you will have reception there!


  • There is WiFi at the studio! 

  • The stars are fabulous but remember to turn out your lights, including the porch lights, for really great stargazing.


Animals on Property:

Cats = Scout is not allowed inside even though she may tell you she is.
Horses = Toni, Bucky, Star & Dusty – They are very, very friendly but for your safety please do not get in their pen, they love to be scratched through the fence.
4 Emu’s  = the drumming sound comes from the Emu.  Do not be alarmed if you hear them in the evenings……odd creatures.
Coyotes = WTX night choir.  Yes - we are in the wild, wild west.
Skunks = they do not like to have attention paid to them!


Policies and Cancellations

deposit of 100% of the first night stay will be charged on day reservation is made.


Pets are allowed at studio, there is a $20 fee for pets.


Breakfast NOT included.


Time for checking in is any time after 3:00 pm

And for checking out is before 11:00 am



  • For Non-holiday/special events:  3 day cancellation policy

       To receive a full refund of your deposit, you must cancel  3 days prior to original check-in date. 


  •  For Holidays or Special Events: 14 day Cancellation Policy

         If your reservation is scheduled for a holiday week or special event, you must cancel 14 days                               before scheduled check-in to receive full refund of depost. 

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